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The training course covers CeMAP 1, 2 & 3 and like our other successful home study online courses, it has been written and designed by experienced tutors; Our CeMAP Home Study programme simplifies all the essential subject areas of the CeMAP syllabus giving you the confidence to pass the CeMAP exam first time. (Please note the following applies only if you are booking CeMAP Home Study + Tutor)

Since January 2007 we have tried and tested various methods of distance learning and found the best results are achieved when participants develop a personal rapport with their instructor. As such our CeMAP Home study includes the highly recommended direct tutor support option.

This includes dedicated one to one telephone tutoring, Group Conference calling, and Zoom Video Conferencing.

  • What you can be sure of is that we will provide:
  • High quality materials
  • Helpful and supportive tutors
  • Sound assessments of assignments
  • Excellent quality assurance

LiBF Approved Training Centre



Made Easy Revision Books

Our UK Financial Regulations Made Easy & Mortgages Made Easy Revision books have been created by our industry professional tutors breaking down the current LiBF CeMAP syllabus into easy to understand, plain English sections without all the complicated jargon. Each book is approximately 150 pages long and is part of our London Institute of Banking & Finance recognised learning support.

Samples Material
Please feel free to view samples of our made easy guide below

UK Financial Regulations Made Easy (First 21 pages of a170 page book).


Training Room

Official LiBF Mock Papers

We are licensed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance to supply our students with the official LiBF mock exam papers for the current syllabus. Thats 8 Mock papers with answer justifications

  • 3 Mock Papers for CeMAP 1 (100 question per paper)
  • 3 Mock Papers for CeMAP 2 (100 question per paper)
  • 2 Mock Papers for CeMAP 3 (60 question per paper)

Samples Material
Please feel free to view samples of the Mock Exam Paper

UK Financial Regulations Mock Papers (First few pages).


Training Room

Online Resources

You will have one years access to the Futuretrend Virtual Learning Zone Student Community, where you can interact with other students, browse our resource library (including video/ audio tutorials) and test yourself with our online CeMAP exam papers.

Our Material is always up to date with the current syllabus changes and updates through out the year.

Free Webinars:
From time to time we run webinars. CeMAP Webinars are available to all students (even those who purchase material only) and are announced via email and our learning zone. To join a webinar all you will need is your PC, your browser and headphones.

New Audio Files Added

Samples Material
Please feel free to view samples of the Mock Exam Paper

Audio File: Topic 1 (Taken from over 16 hours of audio covering all topics).
Video - What is money? (one of a series of explainer videos you will find in our virtual learning zone).


Training Room

One2One Tutor Support

Once registered with Futuretrend for your CeMAP Home Study with Tutor students will have access to study time and direct support with their dedicated tutor by email, conference calls and phone* and access to Group Video Conferencing sessions for all the practical advice and guidance required – so we really are with you 100%.

*Approximate allocated time allowance based on individual modules
CeMAP 1 - 10 hours   |   CeMAP 2 & 3 - 10 Hours

Samples Material
Please feel free to view samples of group Tutor session

Introduction to CeMAP (Taken from a introduction session with Tutor Ashru).

Please see How This Works for more information


Training Room



If you would like to discuss the training options with one
of our advisors please feel free to contact us on
020 8443 2888

London Institute of Banking & Finance Recognised CeMAP Learning Support Provider

Recognition Statement:
This learning support is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being appropriate additional resources for students undertaking its CeMAP qualifications

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