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Munawar Ahmad Malik M.Sc

Story of Ashley Laidlaw

Below is an interview taken with a past learner a year after attending the CeMAP Training with Futuretrend finidng out why she chose her current career path and how the progression has been since completion of the training to try and provide support and guidance for anyone looking at taking the same career choice in becoming a Mortgage Adviser.

What's your career background and what motivated you to become a mortgage advisor/ go for the CeMAP qualification?

My true desire is to become a Financial Adviser (what I am not currently studying also with Futuretrend) but as this is a long process, I felt that completing the CeMAP qualification and becoming a Mortgage adviser would be a good first step into the Financial industry and open up the services I will be able to offer.

How did you find out about Futuretrend CeMAP Training?

A friend had previously attended the CeMAP training with Futuretrend (passing first time within a few weeks) and highly recommended the training and support provided. I got to look over the Made Easy study material they had received as part of the course and felt that I would benefit from this.

Did you make contact with us before booking your training, and if so, how did you find the guidance received and your reason for choosing Futuretrend

My friend gave me the contact number, so I called into Futuretrend for a little advise and look at course dates the work for me. We had a few conversations not only about the training on offer but I was able to discuss the career paths, what’s involved and what progression routes I can take later. I decided to book onto just the CeMAP 1 to start with due to time and work commitments. Based on my recommendation and that the phone communication was informative and helpful and never once pressured me into booking. Though I was back 6 weeks later doing my CeMAP 2 & 3, and then few months after that to do my CeRER and now currently studying my DipFA with Futuretrend also.

How did you find the training?

The training was brilliant, so much so as mentioned before I was not only back for my CeMAP 2 & 3 only a month later, but I can since completed my CeRER and currently studying my final 2 stages of DipFA with Futuretrend.
Due to all the changes in the world due to Covid the training was held by Virtual Classroom each day with the tutor David taking us all through the topics with PowerPoint presentations, discussions and drawn diagrams and calculations. Class was very interactive, and questions can be asked at any time throughout the day. I also made use of the Learner Portal where I could rewatch over the class recordings from my sessions and complete test exams online.

It wasn’t just the support in the classroom, after support with David via WhatsApp was helpful and I don’t know how many conversations I had with Martin over the phone supporting me moving forward and giving encouragement.

Did you have a study plan and did you keep to it? Please elaborate on your own style of study.

I had a study plan in place and decided to split the CeMAP modules up as I knew due to work commitments I would not have time to fit them all in straight away, though I had completed all the training within couple months.

I did find the process easier than anticipated and I feel the explanations of the topics by David and the resources provided helped.

Were you part of a study peer group?

I studied on my own using the resources provided

How long after the training did you take your exam?

I took my CeMAP 1 exam 12 days after finishing the training, I wanted to give myself a bit of time to go back over all the regulations. For CeMAP 2 & 3 I completed those a lot quicker and had that passed 2 days after the training.

How did you feel on exam day? (where did you do it: online or test centre? How did you feel before, during, after)

Before the exams I was nervous (to be expected) by I felt confident. I had used the specimen papers and gone though all the material and knew that I could do this.

During the exam I was relaxed and as I left the exam centre I felt that the exam had gone well and confident that I had passed.

As you have now sat your exams and passed!...How are future opportunities looking? (How are you finding the industry?)

Since becoming qualified I become appointed as a mortgage broker and currently working for Robert Samuel Mortgages. I have now added Equity Release to my services and hopefully soon will also be a qualified Financial Adviser. The future is looking great and career possibilities opening up.

Any advice for people intending to venture into this career path?

It is a lot of hard work and information to take in to pass the exams, but with the right training and mindset it is easier than you think. It is defiantly a good flexible career path to go down if you are confident and good with people and have a eye for detail.

Ashley L CeMAP.



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