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These are some testimonials and emails from those that have attended our CeMAP training classes

We do not edit these as we want people to read and learn first hand from the experiences of other students.

David,fantastic cemap course - really enjoyed it. You're a brilliant Trainer'

Martin – just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for the last two weeks. David was an excellent teacher and really productive and easy to follow. Many thanks 

Dan, Brixham

LIBF Observation of Teaching session report quotations

It was good to hear the explanations throughout on what participants need to understand for not just the exam but also for clients in real-life scenarios.

The time allowed for each section/topic seemed ideal: while the pace was fairly brisk it was clear that the participants were keeping up.

The content and delivery was pitched at a level appropriate for this level of study.  The coverage was highly relevant to the syllabus/assessment and appeared to be up to date.

Munawar is clearly very experienced in classroom delivery.  He has a relaxed, open approach and articulates well, with no pauses or repetition.

It was obvious that he is highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and was able to explain any complexities in detail and place them in context with useful examples to reinforce understanding.

This was a well-conducted session to a keen, well-engaged group and there are no issues, concerns or recommendations for enhancements to report.

Sue Sedwell, Head of Accreditation, LIBF

Good afternoon 

I passed my final cemap 3 exam today so I'm now fully qualified

I would like to thank all at futuretrend and a big mention to David 

His course was really good and helped me a lot to understand points It was also a very good laugh and I would recommend futuretrend and David to anyone in the future

Plesse let me know when the equity release course is starting as I wish to do that Also

Andrew, Aberdeen

Hi David.

Just wanted to write to thank you for the training you gave us back w/c 7th and w/c 13th October. I have passed CeMap 1 & 2 in the last 2 days and have CeMap 3 to take on Friday.

I've managed 3 distinctions and 3 merits on the 6 modules so far and hopefully I'll do similarly on Friday.

Some of the questions threw me a bit about things I couldn't remember reading things in the books but where you explained some of the examples of legal terms etc using 'Real life' examples (easements, equity release types for example) from your experience, it really helped me get my head around it. I even managed to answer a gift inter vivos question!

Seb, Bedford


...and i got a distinction in CeMap 3 today in 50 minutes!

Thanks for all your help. I'll be recommending the course to colleagues in Handelsbanken.


Hi David,

I hope all is well,

I just wanted to let you know that I successfully passed both CeMAP 2&3 at the first time of asking!

CeMAP 2:            83/100

CeMAP 3:            50/60

I just wanted to take the opportunity again to say a big thank you for your help whilst I was on the course a couple of weeks back, I was really impressed and your course is certainly something that I will be recommending for any other advisers that are looking to do their CeMAP qualification.

All the best for the future,

Daniel, Kent

After searching the Web for CeMAP Courses I liked the content of the Futuretrend site, however I was still unsure as there are so many Course Providers out there to choose from, so I phoned and spoke to Femi.

Femi not only answered all my questions about the Course but in a totally non-sales way also offered help and advice about the Course, the Exams and the best way forward for myself. Femi viewed me as a Person not a Course Fee.

The Pre Course A4 manuals were sent to me the day that I paid my deposit and are very easy to understand, especially as the A4 help with the learning.

The Centre itself is a 5 minute walk from Enfield Station and a further 5 minutes from Enfield Town Centre. I drove and from the M25 it was 10 minutes with free street parking available in a street 5 minutes’ walk away.

Femi made me very welcome in the Centre which with it’s light bright rooms with high ceilings and quiet location was excellent for learning.

My Trainer was Munawar Malik and the training carried out by Munawar was exactly as I hoped it would be, the content and delivery were great, he is an excellent trainer and his knowledge is amazing.

I completed and reviewed 700 CeMAP questions and reviewed the answers. Munawar made sure that I fully understood any question that I had wrong before we moved on, not just what the correct answer was but why it was the correct answer.

As I left I thanked Femi and Munawar and I feel confident that I will pass my Exams and remember the help that Munawar gave me for the rest of my life.

Douglas, Warwickshire

Mr Malik,

I'm not sure if you remember me but I took the CeMAP course recently, CeMAP 1 in December and CeMAP 2&3 in February, and I wanted to personally thank you for your excellent tutoring without which I wouldn't have been able to pass the modules, which I have now done, I'm starting officially as a mortgage consultant on the 3rd June and am looking forward to a new chapter in my career.

Kind regards

Greg, Romford

Hi Malik,Futuretrend,

Yes...I passed all 3 exams! thanks for all your help and support. Though I was doubtful of making the journey all the way across London for the whole 10 days of training I'm glad I stuck with it.... in the end it has been well worth it.

Thanks again

Menera, Hounslow

Hi David,

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent training session Friday the 15th.

I re-sat the CeMAP 3 test last Thursday, and scored a Merit pass, after failing it terribly before!!

Thanks again, now it's time to get myself a job.

Dominique, Wimbledon

The training I attended commenced from 28th Nov to 10 Dec.

CeMAP was completely new to me especially not having a financial services background. I found the course intensive but the key points were well explained by the tutor. What I found usefull was that keys areas where drummed in ie Taxation, Inheritence tax, Collective investments which all came in Cemap 1 unit 1 exam.  I am pleased with the results I achieved see below.

Mo Yaqub
Course name Grade Completed
UK Financial Services and Regulation Merit Pass 23/12/2011
Intro. to the Financial Services Env. & Products Distinction 23/12/2011
Mortgage Payment Methods and Products Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Arrears and Post-Completion Issues Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Applications (English/Welsh) Pass 01/02/2012
Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge Merit Pass 03/02/2012

Hi All,

I have now succesfully completed the CeMAP qualification!

My grades are listed below, the combination of Distinctions and Merits have exceeded my expectations when setting out on the course of study.

Your contribution to this achievement through your professional and knowledgeable tuition has been invaluable.

Thank you so much for your support, help and encouragement. You made what can be a difficult subject, clear, interesting and enjoyable.

Thanks again, wishing you all the best for the future.

Mark (Surrey)

Academic Summary

Date Created: 01/12/2011
Name: Mr Mark ------- CeMAP
ifs number: E14---0
This is a summary of your courses and qualifications as recorded with the ifs School of Finance. It shows all your successfully completed courses and qualifications as well as those you are currently studying.

Completed Courses

Course name Grade Completed
UK Financial Services and Regulation Merit Pass 02/11/2011
Intro. to the Financial Services Env. & Products Merit Pass 02/11/2011
Mortgage Payment Methods and Products Distinction 16/11/2011
Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets Distinction 16/11/2011
Mortgage Arrears and Post-Completion Issues Distinction 16/11/2011
Mortgage Applications (English/Welsh) Merit Pass 16/11/2011
Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge Merit Pass 30/11/2011

H Maliki,

Firstly I would like to thank you for being a very good tutor, I really enjoyed your training methods, which helped me a lot.

Over the weekend I revised  thoroughly  because I was determined not to let you down.

Yesterday I took  my CeMap 3 exam and passed with a merit scoring 50 out of 60.

Thanks again and keep in touch


Hi Futuretrend,
Today I have passed the Module 1 With the marks 40+41=81 of 100!
This is thanks to you.
I am going to have Module2 in 3 weeks time.

Best Regards,

Halyna (Surrey)

I took your CeMAP® 1, 2 &3 courses from 20th of April to 01st of May. My name is Zivile, the first Lithuanian you had (as I know)

First of all I would like to thank you for the perfect tuition and the best atmosphere I had in any courses I ever took. It was really a very enjoyable time! To be honest with you, at first I was afraid that I am not going to be able to learn along with the others because of language barrier, but you made it much easier for me.

Thank you!

I just took my last exam on the 2nd of June. I must admit all exams were very hard, lots of tricky questions. But finally I passed all of them and now I am fully CeMAP®qualified! Hurray! My results are:

eMAP®1 – Merit +Pass

CeMAP®2 – 3 Passes + Distinction (Mortgage Payment Methods & Products)

CeMAP®3 - Pass

Not so bad if you going to have in mind that English is not my first language and I reside in UK just around a year and a half. <

Back to exams, it was a quite funny story with the CeMAP®3...  I came to the exam centre to take CeMAP®2, but they gave me CeMAP®3 insteadJ... After I realised that I am taking the wrong one (obviously I was too excited) I was in the middle of the case 2! !! But I decided to take a chance and I passed! I was laughing all the way home :)

Now I am trying to find a Trainee or a Junior Mortgage Advisor job, but I must admit that is not as easy as I thought...  May be you could give me an advice where could I get practise, because I am actually planning to work as a self-employed Mortgage Advisor in the future.

One more time many thanks for your excellent lessons and your incredible energy! All the best!

King Regards,

Zivile (Kent)

Hi Fami,
Hope you fine. Just to let u know and thank you and Mr. Malik for your help in preparing for my CeMAP®exams. I can proudly announce that I have passed my full CeMAP®in first try.

Out of seven units, I achieved 'Distinction' in four of them,  'Merit Pass' in two and  'Pass' in one.

It would not be possible with out your help and of Mr. Malik's.

Thankyou very much and take good care of you.

Kind regards.

Saeed (Slough, Berkshire)

Hi Tomi

Michiel here, just wanted to drop you a line to say I finally passed CeMAP®today, 4 merits, 2 distinctions and 1 pass, and alot of it was down to you. You have a unique way of teaching " Isn't it " your voice was ringing in my head as i would read the questions. I would recommend Futuretrend to anyone.

Kind Regards

Michiel (Herts)

t was just what I needed as I could never find the time to study on my own.

I would never have sat down and studied for 8 hours a day without this course. thanks Tomi!

Kiniz (Herts)

Malik is a very good teacher. he always paid attention to any additional requirements and students needs. Malik was also available to help outside of the classes which is very reassuring

Rakesh (West London)

I have successfully past my CeMAP®qualification last week. I thought drop an email to say I was very pleased to be on the CeMAP® course with Futuretrend. Please pass my thank you to the tutor. She knew the subject in and out and I strongly felt that she had genuine interest us passing the exam.    Thank you once again for everyone at futuretrend.

Nathan (NW1)

Just wanted to say hi and give you some feedback to help your new recruits pass their CeMAP®, as its been a long and intensive 4-5 months.

The training was very good and thorough, it definitely helped to pass the exams, i would like to ask you to advise your students to not make the same stupid mistakes that i made as well as give them some advice....please print this out for them as i was just being plain dumb when it came to writing and attempting these exams.

I would tell them to read on average 45 pages per day while at training, to take one exam per time and not to try think they have to write them all as i did in one day that is CeMAP® 1 2 & 3 that's just me being stupid. Writing exams for 5 hours in one day is not cool as the yanks would say.

 If they read the 45 pages per day while going over the practice paper during and after the course for 5 - 8 days per CeMAP®Module they would pass with a merit or distinction guaranteed. Mr Malik was very good he advised me a lot which helped me immensely. Tell them to listen and take Mr Maliks advice like gospel all his tips helped me pass this.

I made such a dumb mistake it cost me 2 months in getting the CeMAP® I got half way with it and then decided i wanted to do the CeFA® route instead of just sticking to CeMAP® so that did cost me a month to two.

Take care and all the best.

Dean (Dover)

CeMAP® what can I say its not the most exciting subject to study or teach, but Mr Malik did a great job in enlightenment on all areas of the material making it the easy to understand and digest.

I am really pleased with all my first attempt passes.

Futuretrend is a great place to widen your knowledge base and the whole team are great and really friendly, I would say I will be recommending them but I already have and will continue to do so.

Yeliz (Enfield)

Thanks again, my sincere thanks to Tomis, she is a great teacher and I could'nt have passed without her!!

Lawrence (Kingston-upon-Thames)

A great CeMAP® 1 course, I feel I have learnt things thoroughly; more so that I originally did just self studying at home. It is great to be able to ask questions and interact in class. I found that you learn a lot from discussions and peoples experiences

Hannah (Wellingborough)

Futuretrend has widened my horizons in relation to financial advice. It is the best place to come for tuition if you are taking the exams. the course is well structured and the tutors are well-versed in their areas of specialisation. I will recommend it to anyone.

Samuel (Edmonton)

The environment gives you the opportunity to compare notes with other students.

The knowledge of the tutor is extensive and the explanations are thorough.

Kirsty (Essex)

"Hi All
Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a pleasant break. I thought I would drop you a quick note with a full rundown of my results.

19/10/2007 UK Financial Services and Regulation Merit pass
19/10/2007 Intro to the Financial Services Env.& Products Distinction
22/11/2007 Mortgage Payment Methods and Products Distinction
22/11/2007 Mortgage Law, Policy, Practise and Markets Merit pass
22/11/2007 Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Issues Distinction
22/11/2007 Mortgage Applications (English/Welsh) Merit pass
19/12/2007 Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge Pass

Thanks for all your help, I could not have done it without you."

Simon (East Grinstead)

"Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the ‘case study’ exam today ... and to say a ‘big thank you’ to you and your team."

- Trevor (Stevenage)

"Clear, concise and to the point. Tomi was like a computer! Great Training!." -

Michael (Luton)

"Tomi was a great tutor...really knows her S**T!! Very energetic. People met on the course were friendly and willing to help if asked - same as tutor" -

Miriam Ahmed (Harrow)

Very informative; a lot of information to get through but was put over very well.

Mark (Reading)

Hi it's Lyndon Just to let you know I've passed. Please thank your team for the training and support. thank you!.

Lyndon (Sidcup)

I passed my CeMAP,® 3 yesterday. I actually burst into tears when they handed me my result! Relief I guess. I am going to miss FutureTrend - what will I do this weekend?!!! Thank you for all you help & support and providing such nice lunches.

Please continue to send me emails about any trainee vacancies. I shall be staying on in London - was only supposed to be here for two weeks in February. How life can change in the blink of any eye.


Deborah (Finsbury Park)

The course was very good. The trainer was excellent, and she put the concepts across very well.

Carol Shaw (Northampton)

It was very good, not just from the point of view of getting the CeMAP® qualification, but also the practical knowledge. The trainer knew her stuff, and pitched it right for everyone on the course. I would not hesitate to recommend Futuretrend to anyone.

Kemi Omojola (Birmingham)

The course was simply excellent. Jolanta's knowledge, practical and theory, and her delivery were really very good.

Ken (Ealing)

A great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The trainer was very good, and obviously very experienced. There were plenty of breaks and the buffet was superb :).

Suresh Ali (East Ham)

The courses and trainers were excellent. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence, and was immediately successful in Passing all CeMAP® papers

Nav (London)

I don't give praise lightly, but I was very satisfied with my CeMAP®training course, and all the trainers are very good

Roshan (Ilford)

The course was very good. When you are paying for it yourself it is important not only to develop an understanding of Mortgage Broking, but also to obtain your certificate, which I did.

David Taylor (Liverpool)

What I like about the course is that the team of trainers are picked perfectly according to their strengths. Malik was excellent in getting us started with CeMAP® 1 and Tomi knows her CeMAP® 2 inside out...great stuff

Suresh (Ilford)
These are just a few of the testimonials we have had from students... What is even more impressive is the numerous phone calls and thank you text messages we get once students have passed their exams!

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