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Try before you buy with a Free CeMAP classroom session:

We know how it is. How can you really trust what we say? After all, anyone can put tons of blurb about how good they are on a web site only to dissapoint after you've parted with your hard-earned.

Contact us on 020 8443 2888 for a free no obligation training session where you can sit in on one of our classroom courses for up to half a day.* (normally from 10am - 1pm).

This way you can make up your mind if we are the training organisation for you or not. Apart from that, it might even help you decide whether you are making the right career choice!

Since we have a different trainer on the weekday from the weekend it makes sense to attend a session where you will be able to meet with your prospective trainer.

Have you had a look at our trainers Bio's? Click here to view them

* A fully refundable £25 is required. (This is in place to stop timewasters).


Free Sample Material:

If you want to see what some of our classroom and home study material looks like then you can have a free peek here.

Free sample: UK Financial Regulations Made Easy

Download sample pages


This book covers the most important aspects of the CeMAP 1 syllabus and is designed as a study aid to maximise your chances of success in the examination.

Our books are a comprehensive summary of the syllabus presented in a simple, step-by-step, bullet-pointed format.

Thank you for you help, the book is brilliant, very clear and to the point!

Ravinder Johel


Free videos

We believe the best way to learn CeMAP is to have it broken down in bite-size understandable chunks. We like to bring the otherwise dull and boring CeMAP study material to life through real world examples. This helps you stay engaged and helps you retain more.
Apart from the classroom training you will have via our virtual learning zone access to a number of videos which explain key concepts clearly.


Please click here to see some examples:

Why we have money

Understanding inflation


Free CeMAP Exam Questions

Test yourself with our CeMAP exam revision questions written by our experienced tutors.

We provide numerous assessment tests during our training programmes both for classroom or home study. These are paper based formats as well as online via our Virtual Learning Zone.

The tests you will find in our virtual learning zone are interactive and emulate the real exam. i.e. it's timed, you can flag questions you are uncertain about and return to them...and you get your results straight after you've pressed submit.

Best of all, as a student of Futuretrend Financial Training you will have access to our Virtual Learning Zone 24/7 for a whole year. So you can take an unlimited amount of tests.

Take a quick 10 question CeMAP 1 test here:

Take a quick 10 question CeMAP 2 test here:


Book your CeMAP Training

These are just some of the material we provide you on our courses. Sign up now and let us help you get to where you want to be: CeMAP qualified. Call us on 0208 443 2888 or 0845 686 2888 or book online below.

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