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Our CeMAP home study consists of a step by step programme with support from a personal tutor. The tutors are from the same successful team that deliver our classroom training so there is no compromise on quality. (Please note the following applies only if you are booking CeMAP Home Study + Tutor)

Training Room


Step One Initial Contact and Learning Plan
  • After registration, the Centre creates Student profile and send username and Password to access virtual learning Zone.
  • Tutor makes initial Contact with student and help set out a learning plan of study.
  • Tutor and Student Agree date and time of next contact.
  • Tutor follows up discussion with an email report and log to Training Centre.
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Step Two Planned Study
  • Learner receives study material (Sent out by first post)
  • Learner studies the agreed subject areas laid out in learning plan from the material received
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Step Three Tutor Contact and Planned Objectives
  • DIrect support with tutor recapping study taken and knowledge test.
  • Questions and answers session
  • Setting of next learning objectives
  • Tutor reports and logs learning progression with centre
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Step Four Repeat Steps 2 & 3 as required
  • Student to continue study from the agreed learning plan
  • Tutor continues with contact at agreed time slots and reporting back to Training Centre
  • Inclusion of Mock exams into learning plan
  • Student to have an exam prep and test session with tutor.
  • Looking forward and Exam planning
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Step Five Exams
  • When study and Mock exams are complete student takes exam at local test centre
  • Student Feedback results to Tutor
  • If additional support is required this is discussed at this stage or
  • Tutor writes final report to Centre and signs your training off



If you would like to discuss the training options with one
of our advisors please feel free to contact us on
020 8443 2888

London Institute of Banking & Finance Recognised CeMAP Learning Support Provider

Recognition Statement:
This learning support is recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being appropriate additional resources for students undertaking its CeMAP qualifications

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