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Home Study Training

For the independent and self-motivated learner, our CeMAP home Study course comes with everything you need to succeed with your CeMAP exams papers 1, 2 & 3.

You probably already know why you want a Distance Learning alternative to our classroom training – it’s perhaps because of your personal circumstances such as being unable to travel, job demands, or cost effectiveness. Now through our CeMAP Home Study course, all your aspirations are still within reach.

The full package includes our In-house Study material, UK Financial Regulations and Mortgages Books, mock exam papers, one to one/ Group Tutor Support and 1 years access to our Virtual Learning Zone.

If your goal is to complete CeMAP before the Syllabus changes later on this year… then you still have time; on average it takes 3 to 4 months for Home Study students … However, now is the time to make up your mind if you are going for it or not!

All updates and changes made throughout the year are added to our virtual learning zone, so you will always have the current material to hand.

What is Included in the Training

Whatever option of training you select you will be supplied with a range of hard copy and digital course material to support your studies and match your learning style.

Made Easy Revision Books

Our UK Financial Regulations Made Easy & Mortgages Made Easy Revision books have been created by our industry professional tutors breaking down the current LiBF CeMAP syllabus into easy to understand, plain English sections without all the complicated jargon. Each book is approximately 180 to 220 pages long and is part of our London Institute of Banking & Finance recognised learning support.

Please feel free to view samples of our made easy guide below

UK Financial Regulations Made Easy (First 11 pages of a 191 page book).

Mortgages Made Easy (First 13 pages of a 212 page book).

Official LIBF Specimen Papers

We are licensed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance to supply our students with the official LIBF mock exam papers for the current syllabus.

  • 3 Mock Papers for CeMAP 1 (100 question per paper)
  • 3 Mock Papers for CeMAP 2 (100 question per paper)
  • 2 Mock Papers for CeMAP 3 (60 question per paper)

Please feel free to view samples of our made easy guide below

UK Financial Regulations Specimen Paper (First few pages).

Mortgages Specimen Paper (First few pages).

Online Portal Resources

You will have one years access to the Futuretrend Virtual Learning Zone Student Community, where you can interact with other students, browse our resource library (including video/ audio tutorials) and test yourself with our online CeMAP exam papers.

Our Material is always up to date with the current syllabus changes and updates through out the year.

Please feel free to view samples of our made easy guide below

Audio File: CeMAP 1 Topic 1 (Taken from over 16 hours of audio covering all topics).

Audio File: CeMAP 2 Topic 1 (Taken from over 16 hours of audio covering all topics).

Video: CeMAP 1 - Topic 1: Introduction to the Financial Services Industry (one of a series of explainer videos).

Resources Tour

Everything you need to support you in passing your CeMAP Qualification

Accredited CeMAP® Learning Support Provider

Accreditation statement:

This learning support is accredited by The London Institute of Banking & Finance as being appropriate additional resource for students undertaking its CeMAP® qualifications

Learner Testimonials

We like to collect feedback from our learners not only to help us develop our courses to offer the best training possible, but it lets you see for yourself what out learners say about us and their experience they recieved.

CeMAP® has long been recognised as the leading qualification in the financial services industry, with 80% of mortgage advisors having achieved the certificate. It is truly considered throughout the UK to be the industry benchmark qualification. You must have CeMAP or an equivalent qualification to be able to give any type of mortgage advice.

CeMAP is a Level 3 qualification which is equivalent to an AS-Level; Some people can find it quite difficult, but this depends on how they take in information and the type of studying and support they receive. The main thing to consider in ensuring your CeMAP qualification success is that you are receiving the best training and the right training material and resources provided by an accredited course provider. This will enable you to equip yourself with the knowledge required to complete your CeMAP studies First thing is to look at is the best study method for you based on your time and learning style. Some learners prefer an experience cemap tutor to take them through step by step with visual aids and real life examples, therefore a classroom style training providing in-depth study will help focus on all the learning outcomes without any distractions. For this we have our Classroom training run by qualified and industry experience tutors who will guide you through each Topic using different teaching styles to enhance your understanding and prepare you for your exams. Those who do not have the free time to commit to a classroom running over at least 6 hours a day (10 – 4.30 pm) or don’t like the the idea of studying with others on a set schedule may prefer to study in their own time using digital and hard copy material (including online resources). Our CeMAP e-learning course offers the same material content; it’s just delivered in a more flexible way to fit around your work and life commitments.

The best way to do this is by calling them up on 01227 818609. Alternatively, go to

No, our training fees do not include the exam registration, this payment can be made direct to The London Institute of Banking & Finance or you can register with them through us.

The price you are quoted is the price you pay with no hidden fees along the way.

The answer is simple! In these hard times we are always looking to pass on as much savings as we can to our customers; Presently some of our overheads are covered by our IT training department we are therefore able to keep our CeMAP training departments lean and efficient. Our reduced administration costs enable us to provide training at much better rates than our competitors whilst still achieving 90% + pass rates. Additionally, we are not passing on the premiums charged for West End and City hotels and hired venues. We don't have to be assured of large numbers of attendees before we run a course like some other training providers do to justify how much they have to pay for hiring the space.