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Accredited CeMAP® Training Provider for LIBF

Futuretrend is a Accredited CeMAP Learning Support Provider by The London Institute of Banking & Finance

There are numerous benefits of choosing CeMAP training that is recognised and accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF). Our CeMAP courses have received the prestigious endorsement from LIBF, ensuring the highest standards of quality and credibility in mortgage advisor training. Gain a CeMAP certification that is valued and respected by industry professionals, opening doors to a successful career in the mortgage industry.

To this end students can be assured that the CeMAP learning support provided is appropriately promoted, fit for purpose, comparable to The London Institute of Banking and Finance's own provision in terms of content and level, and that it delivers positive learning experiences to students that help to enhance knowledge and encourage high professional standards.

Details of this can be found on The London Institute of Banking and Finance website

LIBF Observation of Teaching session report quotations

It was good to hear the explanations throughout on what participants need to understand for not just the exam but also for clients in real-life scenarios.

The time allowed for each section/topic seemed ideal: while the pace was fairly brisk it was clear that the participants were keeping up.

The content and delivery was pitched at a level appropriate for this level of study. The coverage was highly relevant to the syllabus/assessment and appeared to be up to date.

Munawar is clearly very experienced in classroom delivery. He has a relaxed, open approach and articulates well, with no pauses or repetition.

It was obvious that he is highly knowledgeable about the subject matter and was able to explain any complexities in detail and place them in context with useful examples to reinforce understanding.

This was a well-conducted session to a keen, well-engaged group and there are no issues, concerns or recommendations for enhancements to report.

Sue Sedwell, Head of Accreditation, LIBF