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How would you get someone who hates computers to appreciate - even love them?
By a direct transference of experience. It's not enough to know what a computer is and what it does. You have to use it. The computer must be a translucent part of your life, second nature.

This is why we use tutors who are practising Mortgage Advisors. Our tutors not only provide vital knowledge, but also stimulate your capacity to learn more for yourself just as they have done in order to have reached a high standard in their professions.

At Futuretrend it's not enough for you to register as our student. We want you to excel. We want you to be the best you can be in your chosen vocation. Futuretrend is thankful for your trust with what is one of the most precious possessions you can have: a career.

Our method of study is proven to allow for the absorption of the CeMAP®program. We have created a wining combination of teaching principles and techniques that allows for a complete novice to change his / her vocation (whatever it was) to a lasting career as a Mortgage Advisor. Our pass rate is an impressive 90%.

We're counting on you to be one of our many successful students. Be one of our 90%. Be way above average.

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