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I am pleased with the results I achieved

The training I attended commenced from 28th Nov to 10 Dec.

CeMAP was completely new to me especially not having a financial services background. I found the course intensive but the key points were well explained by the tutor. What I found usefull was that keys areas where drummed in ie Taxation, Inheritence tax, Collective investments which all came in Cemap 1 unit 1 exam.  I am pleased with the results I achieved see below.

Course name Grade Completed
UK Financial Services and Regulation Merit Pass 23/12/2011
Intro. to the Financial Services Env. & Products Distinction 23/12/2011
Mortgage Payment Methods and Products Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Arrears and Post-Completion Issues Distinction 01/02/2012
Mortgage Applications (English/Welsh) Pass 01/02/2012
Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge Merit Pass 03/02/2012